Monday, May 16, 2011

You've been warned

Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I don't feel like I all-out rant all that often. Do I? I'm not usually angry at the world... but right now I am. And this being my blog where I can say whatever I want, I'm going to write about it. Then, I'll feel better.

I've seen quite a few (5?) families who have raised the money online for their children to get iPads. Now that I have my iPod (on Mom's lent money and owe her it back), I have studied their methods and tried to emulate them. I can't raise a penny. A dime. NOTHING. And the only thing I can think is that whole thing where people think of kids as cute, little, hope for the future... and adults as nothing. We're nothing. All I'm asking for is a dollar here, a dollar there, and it will add up.

Then there's my therapist. Here's a good example of what she does. I had an appointment almost three weeks ago. Leaving her office, I made an appointment for three weeks from then (this Saturday). Later that day, I realized that this was indeed far too long and texted to ask if I could come in in about 10 days. "Of course." Okay, when is good? No answer. For almost 2 weeks. I texted her every few days, "When can I come in?" Nothing. Then, when she did answer, "Sorry, all filled." Well, yeah, duh, after that long! She NEVER answers the phone or returns calls and ignores emails, so texting is the best option. Oh, and she says that it's "impossible" that I keep going backwards and have lost my words.

I'm looking for a new (ASD specialist) therapist.

I know, I know I said that GFCF did nothing for me.... well, I've been back on gluten and casein for 10 months, and my GI system is a downright mess. Not to mention, I itch to the point that I cry. So, back to GFCF I go. I now do not eat dairy, gluten, meat, fruit, or veg. Interesting, it shall be.

OH, and yesterday, Mom told me that I needed to leave before my stepdad came back into the house because "it would be hard to explain" and "he wouldn't get it." No comment.

Anyway, excuse my rant. I'm frustrated and tired and weary.

Okay. On the road to feeling better...

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  1. Sorry to hear things aren't going well; I hope that you feel better very soon!