Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Me too

I talk, but I don't always speak.

I have a voice but sometimes no words.

I communicate, but I don't use nonverbals.

I laugh, but I'm not funny.

I hear, but I don't always listen.

I see, even if I'm not looking.

I write in words, even though I think in pictures.

I know, but I don't understand.

I look (sad/angry/happy/excited/scared), but maybe I'm just the opposite.

I can answer, but only if you ask.


  1. I'm enjoying your poetry - certainly thought provoking and rings lots of bells for me. Could be book 2?

    Also, LOVE the blog makeover!!

  2. If Book 1 ever sells at all, maybe I'll think about 2... lol

    Thanks. Leigh said it was time to think about switching it up, so I thought, why not? I like it too.