Friday, May 13, 2011

A whole new world

Let me set one thing straight: There is such a thing as regression in adults with ASD. I don't care what the professionals say. There is. I have experienced it, and so have many other adults.

The fact is that I am currently experiencing it. I went to bed without words last night, as I frequently do... only today, when I woke up, they weren't back. My BSS typed with me. My CI did what she could so that I only had to shake and not and point (pointing has always been and remains unnatural for me).

The back-burner issue of needing AAC is once again very front-burner. It's urgent. Unless I am at home on my computer, I have no means of communication. My mom gets 5 texts a day, so I can have 5 exchanges with her, and that is all. Some of my staff doesn't text. When we go out, I have no means to communicate.

Please consider purchasing a copy of my book. If I can sell 19 copies, I can purchase a refurbished iPod touch and will have the communication I so badly need. I will even have voice output, which my computer does not have.

Consider buying a copy to give to a child's teacher, BCBA, aide, aunts, uncles, doctor, dentist. If just 19 people purchase a copy, I will be good to go. If there is ANYTHING I can do to thank you (answer a question, help with a behavior issue, offer my perspective, color you a picture, send you a poem on an autism-related topic of your choice, anything!) please just shoot me an email and my brain is yours for the picking.

Book link is here.


  1. Totally agree with the regression thing. I still struggle with things (such as anxiety and sensory issues) sometimes, when others look at me as a 'recovered autistic'. I'm not really there yet. I don't get paid 'til June 1st, but as soon as I do I'll buy your book. :) I don't expect anything back, but I would appreciate if you could shoot me a comment sometime :)I just made blog for my son and to talk about autism awareness,

  2. I haven't been to your blog in a while. I'm so happy to learn that you finally got your book published! I just bought a copy and I'm excited to read it!