Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tigger's Disney update

Tigger's been pestering me to get some pictures of the trip on here, so I thought I'd finally give in and do that. Let's see...

Here he is on the plane, looking a bit concerned. It was really crowded and noisy on there, although he really liked how puffy the clouds look from up high!

Mine! Mine! Mine! Tigger loves these guys! They hang out in Epcot.

He says, "Pooh, you idiot, I'M RIGHT HERE!" P.S., my new shirt!

Tigers zonked out in Animal Kingdom... hot sun.

Tigger, closely resembling his cousins in Animal Kingdom and his human friends at the end of the first day touring Magic Kingdom. We were all whooped.

Hi, ducks! There are lots of ducks at Disney. I say, "Hi, ducks!" every time. They quack. A lot. I laugh. They quack again.

Tigger and I both love how great an ice cold Diet Coke tastes after a few hours in this Florida sun!

Mom and I got this bag for Dee, who is taking care of my kitty while we're in Disney. The bag is made in Morocco, and we got it in the Moroccan part at Epcot. Isn't it pretty? Tigger was checking it out.

In Germany, at Epcot, there is a whole little town with a little train that runs through. Here's part of the little town.

Tigger got this sombrero at Epcot, in Mexico. He thinks it's pretty snazzy. Hehe.

Tigger has a baby sister! This is Seal. See, I've been looking for a little stuffed cat that looks like my real cat for ten years. Yes. Ten years. Every single time I've seen a stuffed animal shop of any sort, I've gone in and searched for a cat that looks remotely like my kitty. Finally, today, in China at Epcot, I found this adorable little kitty. This is by far the closest kitty I've seen to Elsie in stuffed animal form in the past ten years. So, I made an $8 investment. I'm thrilled.

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  1. The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is Tiggers are wonderful things! :-)

    Thanks for the photos.