Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Once upon a time, last Wednesday night at 6:08 AM, I was sleeping. I unfortunately dreamt that I was in the shower (if you know me, you know I HATE showers for sensory reasons. so this is starting off badly) and, worse than that, I knew that there was a large man on the opposite side of the shower curtain, about to attack me.

So what did I do?

Well, of course, I kicked as hard as I could. You know where. Only, I was actually in my bed, not the shower, so instead of hitting the shower curtain and subsequently the man, I hit my wall/window beside my bed. It. Hurt.

I walked on the foot that day, went to the gym on it... I mean, it hurt, but I never thought it was anything more than a bruise. I took my shoe off and... KABLAM! That thing swelled up and turned purple before my eyes!

When the pain, bruising, and swelling hadn't subsided by Friday, I called an orthopaedic doctor for an appointment and he got me in on Monday.

Basically, the xrays are clear, but he's certain that my first metatarsal is fractured. He put me in a hard-soled surgical shoe for 4 weeks and will re-x-ray in a week to look for signs of a healing fracture.

And the worst part: No gym for a month :(

Which is probably a good thing, because I've been losing weight rapidly (think a pound a day or more) this week on 2350 calories. Now, weight loss is okay, but that's too fast. So my calories are up to 2700. I feel like a PIG. Who loses weight on that much food? Apparently the girl with the magic metabolism. I know most of you are probably jealous that I "need" to eat so much, but honestly, this is also the girl who hates to eat, so it's kind of a nightmare.

I just keep telling myself that it will pass.

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  1. Wow. I am so sorry to hear about your foot. My four year old son with autism also kicks, thrashed, screams, converses, etc. In his sleep. All night we hear him hitting his bed rails. I always worry about him seriously hurting himself! He is verbal but cannot tell us things like why and what happened yet. Thankfully, you know what happened to yourself!

    Feel better soon. :)