Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bad number day

I mean, maybe it's the autism in me, but boy do I love numbers. Love-hate is more accurate, I guess. I get so wrapped up in the amounts, measurements, quantities, that I lose sight of what's really going on.

The most obvious one right now is my weight. If it's up, I don't eat at least one meal that day. I know that weighing myself daily is just asking for trouble, but the prospect of eating when my weight has gone up and not knowing is just too much to bear. Don't for a second think that this applies to doctors and the like... no, I won't let them weigh me no matter what. The fact that the number on their scale may be different than the number on mine (which is the same as the hospital scale and is accurate)... no way. Can't handle that. One number per day, no more, no less.

I also get wrapped up in blood sugars, calories, minutes working out... you get the idea.

But a new number caught my eye today. "Doing well" is when I post every other day on here... 15/month. Doing "ok" is when I post every third day... 10. January? I posted 3 times. That qualifies as horrible. Now, remember that I said that I wouldn't be posting as much. Remember that I was in the hospital. I was taking a break, right? But that number is just too much. I don't like it one little bit.

And my weight is up today. And it's Tuesday, which is an orange day and sometimes even a 3 (days have colors and sometimes numbers). And it snowed so I have to go clean off my car, and me being me, I refuse to wear a coat, so it will be cold. Grump grump grump.

I think I need the kitty.


  1. My sweater today has orange stripes! I'm going to declare that it's in your honor, OK? :-)

  2. :)

    Thursdays are hunter green and Saturdays are gray, if you want to continue the trend... Fridays are dark, either deep plum or deep navy blue. Sundays are red or pink. Mondays and Wednesdays either don't have a color or change too much to nail one down, depending on how you want to look at it.