Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Praises and petitions

I find myself thanking God so much lately... for the new computer (from which I type to you now), for horseback riding, for the doll I've longed for, for the fact that someone wants to buy my treadmill for more than I expected. Blessings continue to fall into my lap, and I don't know why. Well, I do know that the Lord wants to bless me, and lately He is showing just how true that is.

But I worry. Oh, I worry. I have no income. None. Once my savings is gone (all $120 of it), I have nothing. Yes, Mom got me my computer and some new clothes recently, and yes, I have food stamps so that's at least covered, but the big kicker is gas.

The solution is to go back on cash assistance. We went today and waited for well over an hour, and they were nowhere close to our number. So on Thursday, Mom is going to take me back, right when they open. It's in a bad part of town, where the people tend to stay up late then sleep in, so we're hoping few people are there when the office opens at 9 AM.

It's not matter of if I'll get the cash assistance, as I'm both disabled and not working so it's all but guaranteed; it's a matter of when. What if I can't be seen Thursday again? Or what if they need more documentation? How long can I make this $120 last?

Because my horses are riding on it all (no pun intended). On getting cash assistance ASAP. The horses are an hour away, 1/8 of a tank of gas. I could go to and from church eight or ten times, to the research study three times, in the amount of gas it takes to go to the horses. Mom says it may not be possible to ride.

But oh, if you knew how amazing it was today. Forget therapy; give me horses! Seriously though, they're more helpful than an hour with the best of the therapists I've ever seen. I felt so strong and confident and free in that saddle. Yes, I have a leader and sidewalkers, but I was steering that horse. For those 30 minutes, Casper is my horse. He likes to trot... a lot... so it's a constant, "Walk... whoa... walk... I said WALK! And he's super, super soft. And white (technically though, there are no white horses; they are grey). And so, so sweet.

And did I mention there are cats at the barn, one of whom is a long-haired baby named Molly and doesn't mind being held? Topping of horses with kittens.

At least for today, life couldn't get any better.


  1. Are you riding at a place that does therapeutic riding? If so, might MA cover the mileage. Technically it does for Hallie, though we've yet to actually pursue submitting this as an expense to get reimbursed (we also drive an hour in each direction because there are no really good centers in Philly). But this might be an avenue to pursue in terms of receiving money to cover gas. So that way, even if you go back on cash assistance, you will at least be able to use that $120 towards something other than therapy expenses.

    I worry about what I think of as 'our people.' I worry that the laws that make it easier to get resources as an autistic person in PA will dry up (they are already so scant for adults and hard to access for children, and we live in one of the better states where these things are concerned).

    Sigh. Anyway, I am so glad that the horses are helpful. I think they are for Hallie too.

  2. I am so excited that you got to ride! As far as I know it is some of the best therapy going. I really hope that when you go for cash assistance tomorrow the line will not be long and you will get approved right away - if that is possible.

    Prayers and Blessings,

  3. Have you tried a wobble board? Not nearly so great as horse riding but could give you similar vestibular stimulation.

    Good luck with the benefits office.

  4. So great you got to ride! I'll keep my fingers crossed you will be able to continue.