Monday, November 8, 2010

Just a bug in your ear

Don't know what to get your child's teacher, therapist, or aide for Christmas? How about a copy of Interview with Autism? Never miss a chance to educate... that's what I say!

While I have your attention, guess who's starting therapeutic riding tomorrow?

Oh, and that same "who" also got her own Christmas gift really early this year... a new HP laptop. Next post should come from it!

Did I mention I can't sleep for all the excitement in my life lately?


  1. "Home, Lydia, and don't spare the horses!"

    When I saw your laptop status, I was pleased and excited for you.

  2. lydia! i didn't know about your book! thanks for that bug in my ear - i'm excited to get a copy. congratulations!!

    sorry about the sour appt. with Dr. J.