Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friends are expensive!

I love Christmas. I love snowmen, and snowflakes, and Santa (Am I the only adult in the world that still holds onto the slightest glimmer of hope that he's real? Am I? If I am, I'm okay with that.), and red, and green, and decorating, and lights, and Christmas trees... everything! And I love, love, love to choose gifts for people and then give them to said people.

The past quite-a-few-years, my gifts have been limited to immediate family and Leigh, because, well, there wasn't anyone else. Even in college, there weren't friends. I was on no shortage of gift-getting, as my mom and even my dad/stepmom made sure I wasn't left out, but I did feel a bit of a shortage of gift giving. It's so much fun to pick out gifts. Leigh tried to help by including me in her college suite's Secret Santa, but I got her and she got me (and I knew that would happen!), so I just got to give/receive two things for/from her. So much for that.

But this year, do you know what different? I HAVE FRIENDS. It's making Christmas and birthday season exponentially better, not only because I have people to pick out gifts for, but because I get to celebrate with people and enjoy them during the season.

Now, my wallet doesn't so much like this. I'm still living on Cash Assistance and Food Stamps. I know each of my five friends will tell me that I didn't need to get something for them, but of course I did. Mom and I made it work: two gifts are handmade, one is sort of regifted (but not in a cheap way, in a... I love this and I really want you to enjoy it as much as I have, kind of way), one was bought months ago, and one Mom bought for me. A little nontraditional, perhaps, but it's going to work. I just hope everyone loves the things I chose for them. I hope they realize how important each of them is to me and how much this gift-giving represents for me.


  1. Christmas is one of my two favorite times of the year! I think your friends will feel very blessed - especially to have you as their friend :-) In my opinion, it is not the cost of the gift that counts - it is the thought behind the gift. You and your Mom make an excellent team!

  2. Your gifts are sure to be treasured Lydia. So happy for you to have friends this holiday season. You deserve all the good that comes your way.