Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good ol' Boss

I was super nervous about my job. Mom called my boss to give her a vague "she needs to be hospitalized, probably for about a week" (not that I'll be home in a week, but I can go back to work from Emmaus then). Took her a day and a half to call back, but Boss told mom that I'm a good worker and to take the time I need then just give her a day or two's notice and she'll put me back on the schedule. Mom said she couldn't have been nicer. I hope a week will do it.

I'm sooo nervous to go to Emmaus House. What if I don't fit in? I mean, I know I'll be more independent than a lot of what they're used to. They told Mom that they'll evaluate me to see what program to put me in, and that I might not be recommended to go back to my own house after respite, but rather a supportive apartment with staff. Time will tell. I'm fine with a different house, but I want to keep Elsie with me.

So basically, if you could send some prayers my way that I get to stay close to my kitty, I'd appreciate it. She'll stay with Mom (where she's totally fine and loved and everything) while I'm away. I'll miss her, but I won't worry about her one bit. At least, I'll try not to, because I know that it's completely unnecessary...

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  1. That is so good that your boss appreciates and respects your work and sees that you're a good worker.

    I'll send up a few words.

    That's an interesting arrangement with staff. They probably like independent people, and would probably want you to be more independent (in a healthy sense).