Monday, October 11, 2010

For Amanda

Leigh and I making silly faces. Neither of us really knows how to do that, so it comes out even more ridiculous.

The street in town, where the parade came. I forgot I had my camera during the parade, though...

Disclaimer: I hate this picture of myself. But Leigh says I'm "really" smiling, and Chaos (the cat) looks fantastic, so I had to put it up. Chaos is one of the cats in the music store in town. He's 16 now and can't see very well, but I love him. I came in after not seeing him in 7 months and he ran over and let me pick him up and puuuurred and licked my face. Most of the day kind of stunk, but Chaos was good old Chaos :)


  1. Thanks Lydia!! :D

    LOVE that last photo - a proper I'm-in-heaven-happy-smile!

  2. Great to "meet" Chaos.

    Love the way your hair is done up. And the real smile in the last.