Thursday, July 15, 2010

The post of acronyms

Cindy Lou Who can't be my kitty.

She is a feline corona virus shedder (CVS). About 80% of cats have the corona virus at some point during their lives, and they "shed" on and off. CLW is currently shedding. She's perfectly healthy, although it usually just causes diarrhea.

The problem with CVS is that it can turn into FIP (don't ask me what that stands for; I can't remember), which is a deadly condition to cats. It's rare, but it happens.

At work, we wear gloves to clean the litterboxes of CVS cats and sanitize our hands after petting them. We also don't let them out of their cages, except in a special room just for CVS cats. Also, I change my clothes and throw them in the washer the second I get home, and put on clean clothes in the basement, all before I even touch Elsie (yes, it's hard not to touch her for those few minutes!).

But there is another precaution for CVS cats, and this is the one that breaks my heart. CLW has to be fostered and adopted as an only cat. I can't take her. It's to protect Elsie, and believe you me, I would never put my baby in danger, but I'm still sad because I love CLW as if she were my own. Still, as I sit here and imagine her being adopted, I know I'll be super happy when it happens.

Please pray for my CLW. This isn't going to be easy for her... most people with cats own multiple cats, and who wants an underweight 11-year-old, black cat? She has so much stacked against her. But if we all pray for her, I bet God finds her the perfect little old lady who will sit and pet her all day and give her yellowfin tuna.

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