Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mom saves the day

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Sitting on the front of stoop of the town home where my sister's in-laws live (that's who we're visiting in New York), I told my mom how nervous I was about tomorrow. I said that I knew I needed to tell R about my ASD, but that I was too shy to do it. I asked if it would be too weird for her to call and explain a little (this is, after all, her ex-husband's niece). Awkward though it was, Mom called and explained and R didn't care at all. Not that I thought she'd care, just that I feel better knowing that she knows.

Anyone who reads my book, could you do me a simple favor? Leave feedback about it on the Lulu site (here). I need feedback so that I can take the feedback to the library and get my book in there. Thanks :)

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