Monday, July 12, 2010

Just the thing

I got an email back from the medical director at work that it has never been discussed to euthanize Cindy Lou Who. They are running tests to determine why she keeps losing weight and in the meantime continue to search for a foster placement for her. As soon as I stinkin' move, that would be where I come in. She promised to keep me updated on my girl.

I noticed the last few days that when I went in, Cindy Lou Who had eaten all of her food! She's in 24/7 feedings, so she gets about a tablespoon of food uh... 5 times a day? Like all of the cats, she also has dry food available to her at all times. Although I was doing the dogs and J was doing the back cats last night, I asked if I could do my baby, and she said of course. Then she said, "Hold on. Let me get her something special." She came back with a can of yellowfin tuna. She said, "Dump out her dry food and give her kitten food; it has more calories. Then give her this. I bet she wants it all." Sure enough, Cindy Lou ate the entire can (it's just a 3oz can, but still!) of yellowfin tuna. We found 2 more cans hiding in the back, and I got 4 cans at the store on my way home. We're on a mission; Cindy Lou Who will not keep losing weight! We will sneak her the special food at night, after everyone leaves. It certainly isn't be the first time it's been done for a cat or dog, and it won't be the last.

But this is the time that really matters to me.

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