Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stuck on ducks

I don't know if this is an autism thing or not, but...

A few weeks ago I told my mom that I must be the luckiest duck in the world (because I have Elsie). I frequently started referring to myself as the luckiest duck, and it kind of stuck. So now Leigh is a lucky duck, because she has Joe (her cat). And if we're lucky ducks, we must be ducks, right? And if I'm a duck, I must have been born of a duck, so that makes my mom a duck. So now everyone is ducks.

Add that to the fact that ducks waddle and quack and swim (I'm dying to swim right now), and I'm totally stuck on ducks. I find it endlessly entertaining. That would be fine, except no one else does, and people are losing patience with me about the ducks. But I absolutely can't help it. I must talk about ducks.

I've been going to this online forum/chat room for people who are asexual (which I've recently found the word and concluded that I most certainly am such), and I've found that I can only talk about two things: duck jokes, and cats. I can't just join in the conversation like everyone else. Luckily, it seems that a disproprotionate number of asexual people love cats, and so I'm usually accepted in the chat room. The ducks, not so much.

Why doesn't anyone get the ducks?


  1. Ducks are lovely, you are just talking to the wrong people!

  2. I also love ducks, Lydia.

    There is a wonderful publishing press called Lucky Duck which is part of the SAGE group. Some of the people there include Claire Sainsbury and Nita Jackson.

    Very cool about the asexual chatroom. There are several of those!

    (Ducks have a corkscrew manliness, which has been joked about multiple times by multiple people).

    And we often call someone "ducky" to mean cute or cool.

    Look at Daffy Duck. And Donald, of course and the three nephews: even Scrooge!

    These two sites will stoke your duck passion.

  3. Lydia you should SO live near us - we're expecting duckings in the next 3 or 4 weeks! I'll talk ducks any time - send you photos of the new arrivals asap

  4. Well I'm stuck on pyramids, so I think it's an Aspie thing. It's a comforting thing to be able to wrap your mind around a single interest and make everything about that I just somehow makes the world make more sense...I can't explain why but it does! I was wondering where you got your screenname from and now I know. Stick to cats and you'll do ok there. Im so glad the website has been helpful to you.
    PS when I first started using the Internet at age 13 cats was I could talk about too. :)

  5. Amanda, can you send me pictures of the current big ducks on their eggs? That would be fanTAStic!

  6. I will try - she's in the dark so might not work but I'll email you :D