Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's official!

Warning: This is not an organized post.

1. I got out of bed a week or ten days ago, and out of the blue I had severe pain in the ball of my right foot. After that week or ten days of ice and ibuprofen, to no avail, I got up yesterday morning and couldn't put weight on the foot. I got someone to take my shift at work last night, canceled my dentist appointment because I couldn't drive to get there, and made a doctor appointment which Mom drove to. The verdict: plantar fasciitis. And darn, it hurts. They prescribed NSAID patches for the bottom of my foot, and gave me a free sample to use, except now insurance is being a jerk about covering it and I might be stuck taking oral ibuprofen in high doses, which upsets my stomach. So, we're battling the insurance.

2. I was on the phone with the psychiatrist's office yesterday (why in a moment), and the woman said, "...because you're losing your insurance at the end of the month." What! So Mom tried to call the state office and figure out what was up, but they refused to speak to her. She has my power of attorney, and yet they wouldn't speak to her. So, we got up early this morning and got on speaker phone and I told them they could talk to her, and they did. Turns out that when they canceled my cash assistance on May 3rd, they also canceled my Medicaid. The Medicaid was supposed to be reinstated May 4th, only... they forgot. Mom says, "Clerical snafoo." I say, seriously people? You forgot? So anyway, that's straightened out.

3. My new house won't be ready this month. Boo. I got in trouble with Bob the other night for breaking the rubber gasket on the blender (we had another one....), and I think he and I have both had it up to here with each other. I try so hard to be good, and he tries so hard to be nice, and neither one works out very well. It's kind of against my nature to be good, and I think it's against his to be nice, so... hmph.

4. I'm getting a full battery of neuropsych tests done next week. It takes four hours, and they start at 8:30 in the morning. Have I ever mentioned that I sleep from approximately 11pm until noon everyday? This shall be interesting.

5. Elsie is service catting on the back of the couch, as she often does. Which brings me to the title of my post. She's official! Her papers came in the mail. She's registered through SARA (Service Animal Registry of America) and she has a big paper, a medium-sized paper, and a wallet-sized card, all with her picture and whatnot on it. She's official!


  1. Wow Lydia! Congrats on Elsie's certification!

    "It's kind of against my nature to be good, and I think it's against his to be nice, so... hmph."

    You are so funny.

  2. Horray!!! I am so glad to read that Elsie is official :-)


  3. Elsie P officially a proper cat! Yippee!!

    Boo for the foot tho', makes me SO very glad to have the NHS, even with its faults