Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm going out to lunch with my mentor from church tomorrow. She's absolutely fabulous, but I'm really concerned about keeping up my end of the conversation. My mom always.... searching for a word other than complains.... ah, points out that it's almost impossible to have a real conversation with me because I don't hold up my end. Sometimes I'll willingly talk for a few exchanges, and then I just run out of words and completely quit. I can talk about Elsie, but I always say the same things and I'm guessing my mentor is starting to notice. Also, I hate to talk and eat. I like to eat my food and only eat my food. It's too hard to focus on talking when I'm trying to eat, and I gave up many years ago. So when I eat, I do it in silence. Tomorrow, I will have to manage both talking and eating. And I'll have to make sure I use my manners for both.

Why did I ever agree to this lunch thing? So much to go wrong!


  1. It will work out. everything will be okay and when it's all over you can go home and hug your cat.

  2. Chloe, I like that your picture comes up as Indy when you leave comments!

  3. Hey, she's your mentor. The clue is in the title. I very much doubt she will mind what ever you manage to do or not do, she's your mentor and there to teach you things. Relax and think of Elsie. :D

  4. That's so great that you have a mentor. Thanks for the idea - I will have to look into finding one for my son!

    P.S. I know what you mean about eating and talking at the same time. For me, it's often because when I finally sit down to dinner I'm too tired to talk! But the focus part is understandable too. Hope you enjoyed your lunch!

  5. I hope it went well. When Riley was in school, she had lunches where the teacher would have a topic box. Each kid at the table (small tables of maybe 4 or 5)would have a turn to pick from the topic box, and it helped the conversation flow to talk about the topic at hand.

    I wonder if you could have a few topics up your sleeve for such occassions? Maybe you've already tried something like this.