Friday, October 30, 2009

Look for the good

With the tough stuff that's been going on lately, I keep being reminded to "have hope." Well, that's a little too abstract for me. I can't figure out how to "have hope." Emily helped me make that less abstract by changing it to this: look for the good. So, a collection of the good...

I have a cat, and not just any cat. I have Elsie.

I may not have a lot of friends, but those I do have are incredible and wouldn't ditch me no matter what.

There are GFCF animal crackers in my cupboard.

I'm going to a Halloween party on Saturday with the autism group, so I'll get to see those friends.

I get to be a black cat at the party.

I only have one more week at the Job from You Know Where.

I'm working on making new friends.

We got booed the other day! (Someone rings the doorbell and runs, leaving a plastic pumpkin full of treats... in our case, they left kitty and doggy treats. Then, we pass it on to 3 other families).

Last night, we booed a family with 2 little boys. I watched my mom ring their doorbell and run. It was really fun to hear the little boys find the treats.

God loves me no matter what.

Okay, that took a while. It wasn't easy to find that many. My mind just isn't looking for the good on its own right now. That's okay though... I'll find it. I'll keep looking, and I'll find every good thing that happens, and I'll thank God for each and every thing as it comes. Every one.

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  1. Always find the positive, that's one of my top mantras! Sometimes it may just be that Bear wasn't twins, but there is always a positive in the situation however bad it gets.