Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why today was good

Why today was good:

I went from having no one to train my service dog to having OPTIONS! And all right near home!

I went from having nowhere to get my puppy to finding an awesome German Shepherd breeder just 2 1/2 hours away who even provided references for people who have service dogs from her!

I realized (after what, 8 or 9 months of it happening) why Elsie wakes me up at random times for seemingly no reason. Ready for this? I think she knows when my blood sugar is out of whack. Seriously. It clicked when she woke me up last night and I was 332... then I realized that when she wakes me up, I usually realize I'm high or low. How cool is my cat?!

I watched this video. Go watch it. I mean it. Be prepared for tears... I almost cried, and I NEVER cry at things like this.

Mini Addy came. You see, at 23 years old (plus the fact that I'm super sensitive to how people perceive me), I can't carry my big dolls around with me. So, I wanted one of the 6.5" dolls. Not able to afford the $22 plus $5 shipping, I posted on my message board (for adult collectors of American Girl dolls) and asked if anyone could send me a mini, any mini (though I dreamed of Addy) for $20 shipped. When no one responded after a while, I found mini Nellie online for $18 shipped and settled. But then, someone got back to me and offered me her Addy for just $5. Well, of course I couldn't say no because how often does something like that happen? So Addy came, and she's perfect and adorable and I love her. We hung out all day :)

I got a sock-cat kit. She's a sock monkey, only she's a cat! Mom said I could get something to sew at the fabric store, but rather than more doll clothes right now, I felt like this cat. And we had a coupon, so I got her for $6!

Mom said the government didn't shut down, which is exciting, because a lot of people's livelihood comes from government money. Namely, our soldiers deserve to be paid! I don't get much into politics because it upsets me, but honestly, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that our soldiers deserve to be paid. These men and women are fighting on the front lines risking their lives... and simultaneously worrying that they could lose their homes or that their families could go hungry or their autistic children will lose services? No. Just, no. I almost HOPE my SSI gets postponed, because I would feel bad getting awarded my SSI money when soldiers' families are doing without.

I spent the whole day out with Mom (like, 6 places or something like that, including church) and I'm not done! I feel okay!

I think Michelle ( calls this a rampage of apprecation... I think I've got that right. Well, anyway, that's mine for today!


  1. Yes, the soldiers do deserve to be paid because they are our finest and they are doing a good job. And everyone in the public service. No, soldiering on a shoestring...

    Glad you have your Addy and the cat. What a great way to expand your sewing repetoire. Sock monkeys are wonderful, especially because you can put money in them if you so desired.

    Elsie really is smart picking up your blood sugar. Does Elsie pick up when other things are out of whack? Blood sugar is a key thing.

    Good idea about looking at the BREEDERS of fine dogs, especially working dogs who might do good service work. References: handy-dandy.

  2. Glad you had a good day Lydia! Great rampage!

  3. To add to your rampage:

    Liz, a big American Girl fan and blogger, remembered that it was Addy the doll's birthday on the 9th April.

    Enjoy the link here. Lots of costumes: fairly historically accurate

    Now minature dolls: they are on quite another level.

    And Darius Ruckers: he is quite magnificent.

  4. Adelaide, Elsie also does well with meltdowns and panic attacks. She helps me out with those, too, by coming over and providing contact, meowing, and just being super cute and making me smile.

    Michelle, thank you! You are an inspiration!

  5. Love this post - such a great video, and I am so glad to hear of all the wonderful things that are happening for you!

  6. Love the cat, love the doll, love the sock-cat! So many things to love!