Monday, April 4, 2011

One more April 2nd post for you

I consider April 2nd something akin to my birthday. It's "my day." It's a day of celebration, in a way, that I am who I am, that everyone on the spectrum is who they are, and that that's okay. It's a day of awareness, which means moving toward acceptance. It's a good day. It wasn't enough to wear blue, though. I mean, I could be wearing blue because I grabbed blue first thing in the morning, you know? So I got a blue t-shirt and wrote on the back, "Ask me why I'm wearing BLUE." And don't you know, they asked. In the bathroom at the Original Pancake House, I was washing my hands (For the third time tha thour. Fun fact: My mom jokes that we know where every bathroom is this city is, because I. go. constantly. Hey, I drink a lot, okay?), and the woman behind me said, "Okay, so why are you wearing blue?" and the woman beside her said, "Yeah, why?" Disclaimer: I never said I could speak. Writing is my thing. "I'm wearing blue because today is World Autism Awareness Day." And I forget what they said, because they both chattered at once, but now two more people knew. And at my favorite store (Joann Fabrics), a woman behind me in line at the cutting counter asked. And I told. And she said that it was cool. Okay, so I didn't give a speech that a thousand people heard. I didn't change anyone's life. But you know, that's three more people that heard something about autism that otherwise may not have. If you ask me, that's called success.

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