Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seeing the world through blue colored glasses

I went to the opthalmologist for my biannual check-up on Tuesday. I asked about glasses that filter out the fluorescent lights, since they cause me so much grief, and he recommended lenses with a blue tint. I asked, "How blue?" and he said, "Just a little." So, I went for it.

You call this "a litte" blue? A little? They are practically neon.

I'm afraid to stand out like a sore thumb. But we bought them, and, well, I think I'm stuck with them. I'm considering wearing my old glasses most of the time (in which I see about 20/75... and yes, I drive in those) and just putting these on when I really need them. I feel bad because we picked out the frames and Mom paid the extra and everything, and I thought they would be good.

I know what you're thinking. It's the same thing my mom would say if I told her how I feel. "Who cares what other people think? You have to be comfortable."

I'm sorry to say that I, for one, care very much. I like to fit in. I don't fit in enough because of who I am... the last thing I need is neon blue glasses to make me stand out even more.


  1. My daughter wears glasses with green lenses - really quite dark and very noticable but she isn't the only kid in her school to wear tinted lenses. I see people around town wearing them too.
    They look like sunglasses and they come with all sorts of different coloured tints in them. I have seen pink and yellow sunglasses, why not blue? wear them and see if it makes a difference. If they do then you'll stop feeling self-conscious really quickly because they'll make a big material difference to your life.

  2. Lyds you're going to stand out a whole lot more if you're suffering the effects of lights than if you've got blue lenses in your specs. Lots of people wear diffedrent coloured lenses for all sorts of reasons so on this occasion you are by no means different :)

    And I for one think they look great!

  3. I don't think they make you stand out at all. I see people with blue lenses all the time. I actually didn't know there was a medical reason for it. I just thought they were doing it to be trendy! See, you are totally up with the newest fad! :) Good luck deciding what to do about them.

  4. I remember when tinted glasses became "cool" in the mid-1990s. Indeed, my boy friend L wore them, but with more traditionally round frames.

    Of course, it was the same time as the Irlen lenses, and the coloured lenses of those times might be brown; purple; orange or blue like yours.

    They go really well with your top.

  5. doesn't johnny depp wear blue tinted glasses? sounds trendy to me :)

    1. I heard he wears them because he has Irlen Syndrome

  6. So, after reading these comments, I was feeling better enough about it to wear them out today. But then, when I got back, I saw Mer's comment, and I'm hooked. If Johnny Depp does it, well then! That's all I needed to know!

  7. From my own personal experience, blue is the wrong color. I like blue. I need to filter out white.

    White is all color, and is brightness, which is what the eye wants to avoid.

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  9. I just bought myself a pair of blue tinted glasses today. I'm so uncomfortable under bright fluorescent lights that I have to stay out of stores that have them. Hope yours are still working well for you. I'm 38, but I remember my Mom suggesting I wear sunglasses for the fluorescent lights in my university classes when I was about 22. I thought she was out of her mind!