Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shave and a haircut

1. Goodness knows I've been asked about this at least daily since May (I know; you're just interested, but I really do get asked a lot, both online and in real life). I'm supposed to get the key to my apartment on or near August 11th. So far, no staff, so it should be interested to say the least, for a while. Leigh and (and presumably a hundred or so other people) are going to a wedding from the 13-15th, so I can't move that weekend, and I have a wedding to go to with Mom on the 21st, so we're not exactly sure when/how the actual moving will go, but... we'll figure it out.

2. Autistic Speaks is on Facebook! If you look to your left (I mean on the screen, you silly duck), you'll see a badge that will take you to my Facebook page. You can "like" the blog on Facebook, and I'll do my best to start updating on there when I post on here, so you'll be notified. Ta da!

PS- does anyone get the reference of the title to the post, or is it just me? I hope it's not just me...


  1. Uhhh....sorry to say but I dont get it, the blog title I mean
    But I am very interested in how many cookies you're going to get to eat during those weddings :)

  2. New job? That's is what my grandpa used to sing anyway! Congrats on getting the keys soon!

  3. Is it that there are "2 bits" of info in the post?

  4. Yes, lifewithasperger! The original title of the post was Two Bits, but then I thought, why not turn it into a challenge? Good job; a gold star for you!