Sunday, August 29, 2010

A proposal

Having read my book, a friend from college emailed me to ask if I might consider writing a second.

Write, you say? Me, write again? Well, my interest was perked.

She mentioned that there is a severe lack of reading material on the subject of faith and special needs. The few texts that do touch the subject primarily focus on how parents employ faith to deal with their children who have special needs. But adults with disabilities have been overwhelmingly silent on the topic of fitting into the Church.

I got excited, and oh, the wheels are turning. There's so much to think about! How do I divide the chapters? What topics do I touch upon? With whom do I need to speak to sort out my thoughts, and who might I contact to contribute their own ideas to the book?

If you're interested in answering a few questions that may contribute to the book, shoot me an email at Or if you want to tell me of a specific subject you think would be important to include, get in touch with me, and I'll add it to the list (er, I'll... start a list).

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  1. I would DEFINITELY be interested in answering question. I have been stirred lately (last few months) to write a book on my perspective of autism in my life and the kids I've worked with and how I believe God uses/can use us in the church. It's still brewing in my head. When the words get stirred I will begin writing ideas down