Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Just letting you know that I spent last night in the new house with Elsie. She's being funny... hiding a lot. But when she's not hiding, she's right in my face. She cried for breakfast at the usual time. For a full hour. You see, she usually eats breakfast at 6:30 AM, when Mom gets up, but I'm trying to slide that back to closer to noon, when I get up instead. Then dinner will move from 5 PM to when I get home around midnight. She needs to change her schedule... but she's sure making it difficult!

It's very weird to me in my own place. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Ask me again in about a month, k?



    It's bound to take a while for the new place to feel like yours - and Elsie P will have the same issues making it feel like hers. That comfortable feeling will creep up on you I'm sure, and your Mum will eventually get used to you not being there too :D

  2. Congratulations Lydia. I am so happy for you and Elsie to have your own space. I remember the freedom I felt at your age in my first apartment. I hope you and Elsie both adjust with ease.

  3. That's fantastic news. You are both bound to feel a bit strange to begin with. When we moved house with our cat we did the old wives tale of putting butter on his paws. Apparently it helps cats feel at home. Martin was always OK with moving - he did it three times so maybe it does help! I think the cat thinks that anywhere that has butter available for him/her to lick off his.her own paws must be a good place to live!