Sunday, April 11, 2010

Problems and solutions

Problem: Leigh was just down here for the weekend a month ago, and I couldn't go up there because I had a therapy appointment Friday, a different therapy appointment Saturday, and a cat training at work on Sunday. I couldn't go anywhere long enough for it to be worth it. I was melting down because my plans to go visit her for the weekend got broken and now I wouldn't get to see her.

Solution: Leigh and I met for the afternoon in the town where my therapy appointment was. We went to Target (new belt, cat change purse!, and split a wedding shower gift for a friend with Leigh), the Christian bookstore (more on that later), Kohl's, Lane Bryant, and Chik-Fil-A. We had lots of fun! Didn't avoid the melt down, but I had fun once I got there and did really well being out for so long.

Problem: I need a devotional. I'm trying to do My Utmost for His Highest but I get very little out of it. In fact, I understand almost nothing. What's the point of a devotional you can't understand? I like to read my bible every morning, and every evening I want to have a little snippet to read and meditate on while I listen to my purring CD.

Solution: When we went shopping the other day, and one of the things I found was this book. It's designed for kids. But it's not all Sally-and-Susie-are-having-a-fight-and-oh-what-shall-they-do. It's a bible verse, a short lesson with some simple examples, and a closing prayer. It's not at all dumbed-down and doesn't treat kids like idiots. I like it a lot, and I've started using it. I'm thrilled with my finding.

Problem: I'm terrified of the day when I lose Elsie. When I lose her, I'll be without a cat period and may not find the right cat very fast.

Solution: Well, it's not really a solution, but I want to get a second cat so that the transition is easier. I'll just have two cats for a little while, and then one, instead of one cat and then no cat. It's the no cat part that scares me so much. There's a cat right now at work who is definitely the right cat. His name is Baby Corn, and he has cerebral hypoplasia... it means that his brain stem didn't develop so his back legs don't work, he can't see very well, and he's mentally retarded. He loooves to be held and cuddled and he's the sweetest cat. If he's still there when I move out (can you say a prayer that he is?), he will be my kitty. He told me today that he'd like that.


  1. Aww! I hope he likes that, and that Elsie does too. Will the home let you have two cats?

  2. It's not the group home, it's an independent apartment.

  3. Wow! I miss checking in few a couple of days and it all happens! What support will you get with the new apartment? How do you think Elsie will take to a second cat cutting in on her Lydia and how does Baby Corn get around if his legs don't work?

    Lots of questions I know but I need to catch up! :D

  4. I should get supported related to my case manager, people coming in. And I'll have the all-important Mom. I think Elsie won't like him at first but will get used to him and accept him. I'll make sure to fuss over her lots. Baby Corn can sometimes hobble crookedly and sometimes drags his back end. He can't get up onto the couch but he can hop down, and he can do short bits of steps. He does great!