Saturday, March 12, 2011

Apartment pictures (finally!)

Okay, after a 20-minute knock-down, drag-out battle with Blogger, I think I've got the pictures loaded and in order.

Mom came over for a few hours and helped me clean today (read: she scrubs, I whine and pet the cat because everything's out of place while she cleans and I hate the vacuum, which ran for a total of almost an hour. But really, when given one specific job, I can do that. So, one thing at a time). My apartment is kind of the perfect balance between super-clean and lived-in right now, so I thought I'd take some pictures.

This is when you walk in... right in front of you is a closet with a purple curtain on it, and that houses Elsie litterbox and other cat essentials. Since I didn't think you needed to see that, I turned a bit to the right to show you part of my living room. Note that I currently have no curtains and am using my Nemo blanket to keep the sun out of my eyes.... oh, well.

Turn more toward your right and you see my couch and bookshelf.

More to the right and you see my coatrack, the kitchen, sewing machine, and the doors down the hall (closet, linen closet, and bathroom).

There's the little kitchen.

This is the only really interesting part of my bedroom... my bed is just purple and on the floor (box springs and mattress directly on floor). You can see all my cards and pictures and who toward the bottom left there's a lady's face (it was Leigh's in college) that I put a fake mustache on... and of course my dolls. Felicity, Samantha, and Josefina.

And of course Elsie P and I did a mini-photo shoot :) Here's one of the better ones. She turned 13 on March 2nd; doesn't she look fabulous?


  1. What a lovely apartment. I hope you feel settled and happy soon.

  2. Thanks, everyone. I guess I failed to mention that it's low-income housing (You pay 30% of your income above $205 for rent). Not bad, eh? I love it.

  3. Looks great, and Elsie looks so regal in that shot - very nice to see pictures of where you live!