Friday, September 17, 2010

Ways to make one autistic girl smile

This post is an attempt to think of the good things in my life. My doctor doesn't think that my depression needs to be treated, per se, but that I need to do some basic "perking up" things and reminders of the good things in life. I completely agree and am thrilled that the psychiatrist didn't jump on increasing medication. So far my attempts are paying off very well.


1. New pictures of Joe (Leigh's cat), or your own cat. Last night I got one of Joe doing loaf of bread, and I loved it.
2. Anything new and exciting... a new smell-good candle for my house, new blue zebra-print sunglasses, new Bible study, new friends.
3. Go somewhere. Anywhere. I like to go places. Tomorrow, we'll go to Penn's Colony, a historical "town" and folk art show. I'm so excited.
4. Go to church.
5. Kiss the cats at work. Especially Grace, who loves to be kissed.
6. Let Sofia Loren (a b-e-a-utiful cat at work) stand on my shoulder like a parrot. I can't hold back the giggles when she does it.
7. Take a nap!
8. Make my bed in the morning and then crawl in. I swear, it makes the weighted blanket even heavier when it's been "made" all day.
9. A email. From anyone. About almost anything. My favorites are parents who have kids with autism who write to encourage me. They go suuuuch a long way. Also emails from Leigh with Lolcats. Those are fantastic too.
10. A freshly-memorized Bible verse to add to the list. The one that is officially "memorized" today? "As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing one another in love." (Ephesians 4:1-2)
11. A cold diet soda never gets old!
12. Making something. Again, anything. Most recently I made a velcro itemized morning routine schedule. I left the house without make up once or twice (I wear very little; just enough to cover any red spots that Mom insists are due to rubbing the cat on my face and I say then it's worth it... but I feel funny without my spots covered) and without testing my blood sugar a few times, so I thought it was time.
13. Phone calls about updates from the Autism Waiver. We're getting close...
14. The specific food that I'm craving, right when I'm craving it. Cheesecake. Pizza. Mexican. All of which have happened this month! (Note: At least temporarily, I'm not gluten free, as it's so expensive. I may well go back to it if ever I have the money, though. So far, reflux and rashes are nonexistant... this is probably because I eat just one thing with gluten in a day. I'm just not buying any GF stuff).
15. Tigger. Remember Tigger? He's been living with me since sometime this summer. He sits on my computer desk and reminds me of Leigh, and I like him. A lot.
16. My duck. My aunt got me a duck statue from the garden store, and he, too, sits on my computer desk, right next to Tigger. The duck makes me laugh, because it's a duck and... there I go on ducks again.
17. Elsie, especially this morning, because she was using her paw to get a chunk of my hair in her mouth and then going... YANK! Then letting it go. A bunch of times. She had food in her bowl, so all I can figure is that she wanted me to get up. Now, I might add. You just can't get annoyed with such a cute kitty.
18. Losing a half pound a week for almost 6 months by doing absolutely nothing. It's totally fair though, because I gained a lot of weight by doing absolutely nothing.
19. Puzzles that I can do in one sitting.
20. Really stuck now? Oh, I know...

You telling me what makes you smile. That would be great.


  1. Well I like talking to you.
    And when Indy slithers off the couch
    Brand new coloring book that has not been coloured in
    When daddy reads to me
    Singing with mama

  2. I like talking to you too!
    And Indy is funny.
    And I agree about the coloring book :)
    And I love to sing with my mom at church.

    Thanks for responding... at least I know someone's reading!

  3. The BEST thing that made me smile yesterday was seeing Scrumpy's face when she opened a present from Clare and it was a video she has craved for over a year (we just couldn't find it ANYWHERE!) She slept cuddling it last night...

    Other things that make me smile include figuring out what and why for my girls (usually with a little help from you), sunny days that aren't too hot, crispy blue sky winter days and sledging in deep snow. Happy ducks and ducklings, Bruce and Tim batting my head as I put washing in the machine because they know I should be fussing them - and of course my beautiful Meg.

    So many things to be happy about!

  4. Impressive list!
    And like Amanda figuring out what and why for my son also makes me smile - well if i get it right that is!

  5. a cupcake with lots of frosting
    a night to myself with no kids, no responsibilities
    a good book
    your #18 totally made me smile
    and i love your blog