Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sad day

How come when things go wrong, they really go wrong?

They put Cindy Lou Who down yesterday. No one called me. No one even told me when I got to work. I told them months ago that I wanted to adopt her first (just officially), and no one even gave me the heads up so I could do that. She died as nobody's cat, on paper. I don't like that.

And if it's this hard with a cat who never even lived with me, how will I ever survive it when it's Elsie?


  1. Nobody's cat on Cindy's death certificate?

    And they didn't tell you?


    We will remember Cindy Lou.

    About Elsie: I don't know. Just that I hope you do.

  2. So sorry to hear that - Man, I know how much you wanted her! They should have told you!

  3. I am so sorry Lydia. Nothing can make it okay when those we love die. We just keep going for those still with us.
    I am sorry that you are the one that is left with the pain and that their inconsiderate actions have made it worse.
    I would like to email you sometime a picture of my autistic son's new puppy. I have talked to him about your and Elsie. He has named his new puppy Elsie. She walks with him to school. He holds her lead and pats her proudly and is able to talk to his teachers. Before Elsie he was unable to walk or speak from anxiety before school.
    Elsie is a rescue dog. She was on death row at the pound. She makes my boy so happy and confident. So big kisses to your Elsie from ours.

  4. Louislove, I would be thrilled to have a picture of your new Elsie. What sort of dog is she?

  5. Oh Lydia, I am sooo sorry about Cindy Lou Who. I feel bad that no one told you that it was going to happen. Even tho she died as nobody's cat on paper, she was loved, especially by you.


  6. On paper doesn't matter nearly so much as what happened in her life. She was loved BIG time and she knew it, that's what's important.

    Elsie P will one day not be with you, that is certain, but when that day comes I hope you find comfort knowing what a great life she had and that you did everything for her you possibly could.

    Sending love and happy thoughts to you both. xx

  7. Seriously... there is no cat more loved than Elsie. She knows it, too. But as well cared for as she is here, there is one place where she will be even better cared for. And then it will be time for you to give another lucky kitty the best earth home possible.

  8. I have to trust Jesus to take care of my kitty even better than I can. That's a lot of trust. But I do. I trust Him, even with Elsie.