Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Only one thing to do

When you're suffering from some situational depression, there's only one thing to do.

Why, go to Kohl's and get blue zebra print sunglasses (that just happen to fit over your regular glasses...).

But there's a bit of a story behind these sunglasses. You
see, when Leigh got them last weekend, I absolutely fell in love. They're not just blue, they're almost teal. And they're zebra print. And you never can find sunglasses that slide effortlessly over your regular glasses. But these do!

But they're $10, and Mom told you that you can only buy food and gas for the next few weeks, because you're even poorer than usual. So, while you mention to God that you would love said sunglasses, you pretty much give up all hope.

Until you go to Mom's one evening and she gives you a $10 gift card to Kohl's that came in the mail.

And even though they shouldn't honor it until the 15th, and this was only the 13th, they say they'll honor it anyway.

And your blue zebra-print sunglasses are only $4.80 now.

And did I mention that they're zebra print? And blue?

And while you're not entirely sure how she feels about matching you, the fact that they match Leigh's makes you smile.

And now, that depression is just a little bit lighter.

Sometimes, God really pulls through in the details, eh?

(Excuse the blurry picture; all I had was my phone)


  1. Now that's what I call funky face wear! Obviously destined to be yours, and a bargain to boot :D

  2. Bargain glasses and a smile that says, "I'm rich (and possibly famous)!" Put on a black head scarf and you could call this your Jackie O. look!