Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm disappointed

It took me a couple of days to find the right word, but I finally did figure it out. I'm not sad, I'm not mad, no... I'm disappointed.

I got an email from Jessica Kingsley Publishers a couple of weeks ago saying that, if I got more perspectives, more writers, involved in my book, then they were interested in publishing it. I emailed back saying that I could work with 3-5 other people and have each question have several answers and put it together that way. They emailed me back yesterday saying nevermind, they don't think the book would be useful to readers and would not be offering me a publishing contract.

That's it. No more to the story. No happy ending. I can't decide if I should continue to work with the people I've found or if I should just give up. I don't know how similar pubslishers are, if other publishers will think just like this one does. When it's just myself working on the book, it's one thing to do writing that won't get published. But when I'm working with 5 other people and asking them to write something that may never get published, I suddenly feel responsible for their disappointment too.

Decisions, decisions.


  1. Don't give up, Lydia! It's just one publisher. Take their comments with the grain of salt, consider their suggestions and move on. As for the 5 other people, you'll just be honest with them. You don't know what will happen, but it's an adventure and an opportunity for them to share with the bigger community. Don't let fear stop you from trying something you really want to do! Go, go, Lydia!

  2. I was originally happy with Jessica Kingsley because (1) they were practically your local publisher (in the American arm) and (2) because they had this awesome series called Adults Speak Out. (Well, probably it is not the best in the field...I loved it, but Genevieve Edmonds died and I have not felt quite the same since.)

    Perhaps this is not quite the format.

    Jessica Kingsley actually has quite a unique way of thinking about her authors and contributors.

    I wonder if you have read Dasha's Journal?

  3. I haven't read Dasha's Journal. What's that?

  4. Dasha's journal is written by a cat, and it talks about life, catness and autism.

    I have read some pages of it, and she meows (or miaows) some sense.

    Two of the other publishers are Future Horizons and the Autism Asperger Publishing Company.