Friday, March 19, 2010


I was riding in the car with the windows down and the sun shining in, eating a partially-melted Cadbury Creme Egg followed by a Diet Mountain Dew.

Can you say BLISS? My mouth sure could!

What's your bliss?


  1. Salt and vinegar crisps, chocolate, an apple and cheese and a nice cup of tea!

  2. rich fruit cake - like christmas cake - and a good cup of tea

  3. Dark chocolate gelato which I had today at whole goods! Yum!

  4. My food bliss is probably fresh vegetables, especially beans and tomatoes.

    Caesar salad - indeed most salads, with a dressing and good presentation - would also be in the 'bliss' category, as would Nicoise salad.

    There are also a lot of sweets which would come in here. These are interchangeable.

    Salsa is delicious, and sometimes guacomole.

  5. Adelaide, I LOVE GUACAMOLE. Leigh too. Now I want some!

    And Kate, being quite the ice cream connesuir, I would love to try your dark chocolate gelato! We had ice cream at school that was coffee flavored with dark chocolate kinda crunchy ribbons through it, and THAT was delicious.

  6. HaHa!! Let's play spot the Brit....