Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Being preventative

So, I have a new thing.

I've been going to see the cats (at the animal shelter) every other day. I'm planning on going this morning. I would go daily if it weren't a 20ish-minute drive from home. The way I see it, I can either sit around at home, or I can do something useful with myself. Helping the cats to become more adoptable is definitely, definitely useful.

There are two potential problems with my cat visiting, though. One is that I get really wound up after I go see them. I think the solution to that problem is to go see them earlier in the day rather than later. When I went Sunday night, I had a little trouble calming down to go to sleep. But if I go in the morning, it's that much less caffiene I'll need during the day, and that's good, right?

The second problem is that, at some point, I'll probably not be able to go when I was expecting to go. I'll probably have to cancel my plans. I'm terrible at canceling plans. As Leigh pointed out, it's one thing when the mail doesn't come and I melt down, but cats? That could get ugly. I could really melt. So how do I plan ahead for this? I can realize that I have the best can in the world at home, and that even if I don't get to go see the cats, I can play with Elsie. I can give her catnip and make her go crazy. I can brush her. I can pet her. I can get her to play in boxes. There's lots to do at home with Elsie, even if the cats get canceled. I think if the cats got canceled, I would need to be reminded that I can play with Elsie until next time, but once reminded, I think I would be okay.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I didn't have to constantly prevent melt downs. Could I just go to the mall? Would I go places without having to plan it in advance? Could I enjoy getting the mail without losing it if it snows badly and it didn't come? Would I not get upset if someone were 5 minutes late picking me up? I get tired of melt down patrol. It's exhausting. Sometimes, it's hard to know what will cause a melt down, and I get caught off guard. Although I will say that since I've been home (rather than in college), my melt downs are literally a hundred times better. Instead of daily, I melt maybe once a month at worst. I'll take that.

And right now, it's time to go see some cats!

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