Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I start Thursday

So, I think I mentioned at some point that I had a job coming up this spring in a daycare. I would be checking kids in and out and serving/cleaning up after snacks. It would be 22 1/2 hours a week, mornings, which was perfect. The only problem was that it didn't start until sometime in the middle of spring, and no one could tell me exactly when that would be. I'll admit, I was a little impatient, but I knew it would come so I tried to wait as well as I could.

And I would have waited, if the one better job in the world hadn't fallen into my lap. I was browsing the webpage of the animal shelter where I volunteer, and I saw that they were looking to hire an animal caretaker. Now, I go to the shelter to clean cages, feed cats, and play with cats. I could get paid for doing the same work with cats, plus dogs and rabbits. I'm sure you understand why I had to apply. And apply I did.

I got a call back just a few days later from Eula, the kennel coordinator. She asked when I could come in for an interview. I told her that I could come today, and I did that at 3pm. She talked me through the job, called back another employee to walk me through the job, and went through my availability.

I start Thursday, 5pm-11pm. My best hours!

And did I mention that my kitty got a shot, came home, and ate her breakfast?

And I'm trying out a new women's bible study tonight?

What a day!


  1. Yes, what a day.

    It's good you are an evening person (can work evening hours).

    Hooray for Elsie. I'm sure she must have been reflecting (and referencing) the feelings of her human companion.

    Have a great time at the Bible study.

  2. Woah - you put me to shame. I dither for ages over the best thing to do and then find that some-one else got in there and took the job I wanted! The only time that didn't happen I got my dream job! So good on you. I hope the bible study group was fun.

  3. Thrilled - THRILLED you got your job!! and it is YOUR job really isn't it?! Just delighted Elsie has turned a corner to recovery.

    Have a good time at bible study, maybe it could be a good place to meet like-minded women and make a few new friends. It's all moving so fast anything could happen! :D