Saturday, February 20, 2010

Uh oh

Houston, we have a problem.

If I make a documentary-type video, I'll have to edit it to make it decent. So I tried to make and load an edited video (about Elsie and I), and what do you know, it won't load. I tried for hours, and it "processes" for like nine years, but it won't finish so I can publish the post. So it looks like there won't be a documentary video. Sorry, friends :(

In other news, I'm perseverating like crazy lately. I'm usually fairly obsessed with Elsie, but it's been worse than usual. I'm anxious when she's not right in the room with me. She's not always with me... she likes to make sure I'm settled with whatever I'm doing, and then she once she's satisfied that I'm alright, she likes to lay in the family room. If I call her, she comes and sits with me for a bit, but then when she knows I'm fine she goes back. I feel like I'm constantly interrupting the poor thing to come see me. Perseveration reaches a point where it doesn't feel good anymore. It starts to make you feel a little nuts.

I debated about posting about this, but it's something that's going on in my life and I don't feel too weird about sharing it. I went to see an endocrinologist about my mysterious weight gain (80 pounds in just a few months despite a low calorie intake). They think it's something called Cushing's syndrome, and I'm going through the testing for that. The bad news is that Cushing's is almost always caused by a small brain tumor, which requires surgery. I would appreciate good thoughts and prayers sent my way... just that they figure out what's making me gain weight and feel so blah. I don't usually post about things that have nothing to do with my autism, but hey, that's also part of my life, and I need all the prayers I can get. Thanks, guys.

I'm off to the mall with my mom. We're shopping for my sister's wedding shower. Here's to hoping it's not too terribly crowded! After that, Justin and I are going to church and then to Chipotle.

Mmm, Chipotle!


  1. The film/documentary work requires a degree of perfection and flexibility.

    I have taken several shots in the past 6 years from my digital camera.

    (What editing programmes have you tried to use? We have Nero around here).

    Have a great time shopping and with Justin.

    Do tell us more about Chipotle.

  2. And there's another nearly foolproof way to practice.

    Most Maxis applications (for example the Sims and Spore) can capture video of particular things which are done during the game.

    So in the Sims, you could well make a model of the group doing something together, and then splash in some real life.

  3. I use Windows Movie Maker, just what comes on my computer. It works great, it just. won't. load. Grrrrrr....

  4. Chipotle is a quality Mexican fast food restaurant. You walk down the counter and tell them all the things you want in your burrito or whatever, which is good for Lydia because she can tell them things like no lettuce. (Although she won't need to much longer, it looks like!) Everything at Chipotle is always delicious, especially their guacamole. mmmmmmmm...