Thursday, February 18, 2010

I need your input

Back in October, Leigh suggested that I make a video during the Walk Now for Autism. I was too shy about the whole thing, but I've been thinking about it. And I think I'd like to make a video about autism, just not one in which I'm a central player. I think I'll go around and ask a question, the same question, of the people in my HFA/AS group.

In the meantime, I need to figure out how to make videos on my camera and how to upload them on here. I practiced on my favorite subject, of course.

So if I were to make a video, going around and asking my fellow autistics a simple question about living with autism, what would you like that question to be?

If you don't leave me suggestions, there can't be a video.

Ready? Go!

Okay, I can't leave without posting these two pictures.

This one is what happened when I tried to take a nice, smiley picture of Elsie and I. Instead, I got puh-lease put me down kitty and glasses sliding off and not looking at the camera because, wow, that's a really bright light Lydia.

And this is one of the ways that Elsie helps me to stay calm... she pushes her forhead against mine, as hard as she can. I love it.


  1. What do you worry about the most and why?

    And something about independence.

    And it should be about you/them, not about families and friends, even though families and friends can relate to it.

    And something about their personal bit/part of being in an autism community.

  2. There are just so many questions and so little time!!

    What are the things in every day life that could be made easier for you if only people knew?

    Btw, Bear LOVES pressing foreheads with me too! That and squashing her nose against my cheek.

  3. That is a great idea, Lydia!

    I like Adelaide and Amanda's questions.

    What I have always personally wished for, also, is to hear something from the parents. I have a lot of contact with the parents of my son's peers and occasionally hear from high-functioning adults like you. But I don't have any contact with parents of older kids like you, who can look back and maybe share some perspective. I would personally find it very interesting to hear a little perspective not only from the individuals from your group but also the parents.

    The same above questions could be asked to each group...

  4. Oh yes!! Gimky I think we should lobby for a "Lydia's Mum says..." column :D

    (Mine are 11 and 12 btw so if that's bigger than yours, feel free to ask away)

  5. Thanks, Amanda!

    I would love to hear from Lydia's mom, one day! Lydia, do you think your mom would ever 'guest post' like Leigh did?