Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good things come to those who wait

The good news: I got the job I wanted, working in the daycare that I went to when I was little. It's a group supervisor position. I'll be in charge of ten kids.

The bad news: The position has been created to fill in for someone who is leaving because she bought at a house. She's not moving until mid-spring, so I won't be working until mid-spring.

But the position is mine, and it will be there for me when it does open up. This gives me time to prepare, getting group activities organized for the kids in the meantime. It also gives me time to possibly go back to partial for a while, which I'm strongly considering. The partial I went to this summer won't take me back, because they don't feel as if they can't adequately help someone with an ASD. My case manager can get me into a partial through his company, though. It's a little farther away and would be interesting with the driving, but it would be more intensive therapy and they wouldn't turn me away because of my autism. Oh, what to do, what to do?


  1. Can some one go with you? Leigh or your mum? Is there something for them to do while you're doing your thing? Then you wouldn't be on your own for the journey. If you think it could really help you it's worth exploring all the options.

    and just have to say one more time for good measure - GO LYDS!!! Well done on the job!

  2. You'll be able to plan cool things for the kids.

    And won't it be until April/Easter?

    Hopefully the partial is autism-aware.