Monday, February 8, 2010


Does anyone remember the Brady Bunch episode where Peter's voice changes? I loved the Brady Bunch as a kid. It probably crossed the line between normal and autistic obsession, but that's okay. Obsessions can be a good thing, and that one made me happy and nothing else.

I think the 22 inches of snow around here came to help teach me a lesson. You know I'm working on waiting right now. Another thing I really don't like (a la Alton Brown) is changes in my routine. The key to making plans with me is that you have to do it one of two ways. One option is not to make them unless you're sure you can follow through. The other option is when you make them, specifically remind me that things might not work out and we might have to reschedule. That will keep them from getting so firmly implanted in my mind.

So the snow. Uh, yeah, there's a lot of it. And yeah, it's really pretty on the trees and all. And I'd love to go sledding right about now, if I had a sled. Heck, I'd love to just go take a running leap into it. But none of this makes up for the fact that it forced me to change plans over. And over. And over.

First, Mom and I were supposed to go shopping on Saturday, and I was supposed to hit up Avatar with Justin on Sunday. That didn't work out. Saturday, everyone was snowed in. Sunday, neither Justin nor I particularly wanted to venture out to actually drive in the snow, so we kind of canceled on each other. Instead, Mom and I went shopping and to see Avatar on Sunday. Not a big deal, right? I still got to do what I wanted to do, and I absolutely had a blast doing it, I might add. But I'm still not over the fact that it changed. It didn't go how it was supposed to go. It's wrooooong (yep, that's whining). The shopping was incredible (did I mention that I got clothes for my sister's wedding, and 3 new shirts, and a sweater, and 2 pairs of pants? This, from the girl who hates to shop). The movie was wonderful, ear plugs firmly in place, thankyouverymuch. There's just that little irk in the back of my mind that it was wrong.

Then, today, my case manager Jeff and I were planning on going out to breakfast. Again because of the snow, he had to come three hours late and we couldn't go out at all. He just popped by for a visit. So there's that. And then I had to make an appointment with the feeding clinic for Wednesday for an evaluation. But more snow is supposed to come, so it's a tentative appointment, and they might have to close the office. At least I know it's tentative ahead of time. That does help. Still, I'd rather just have my appointment and go to it.

Gosh, snow. Enough of you for a while. Go mess up somebody else's plans!

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  1. We've only just got rid of our snow - talk about pain in the bum, right there with you on that one!

    So glad you had a good time with your mum, and great to hear you have an outfit for your sisters wedding (can't wait to see the photos!!)

    Is there a point at which the great time you did have out weighs the niggle about the change of plan? I tend to either plan ahead - like a weeks worth - or just spring it on my girls. Changes to plans are getting better but it's still something best avoided.