Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adventures in Busworld

I feel like I spend every hour that I'm not sleeping educating someone about autism. Of cours, I don't say the word "autism" daily, but that's what it is... teaching my parents how to deal with me. In some ways, things are better at home since I've been more explicit about what I need, when and why, but I get tired of it. Sometimes, I'm too in my own world to be able to do that, but they can't understand why I'm more "with it" some times than others. I want things to be more natural. I've been fussing and snapping and crying a little more again, lately. That wears me out.

I saw a new psychiatrist today. A child psychiatrist, actually, who specializes in autism. She definitely got it. She couldn't believe that it took me so long to be diagnosed... she said "it's pretty obvious, honestly." Not sure how I should take that. Anyway, meds are pretty much going to stay the same for now, since my new anti-migraine/anti-seizure meds should have the same effect as increasing the Geodon. That's the hope. She wants to do some neuropsych testing, because she's concerned about my attention and executive function. She said it's a lot of sorting, organizing, repeating strands of numbers. I really, really, REALLY hate doing those things!

I had to take the bus to my appointment today. My mom asked me to check when the bus came. Usually, she'd do it for me, because I seem to have trouble reading the bus schedule. But, I did it this time... 12:24. When the bus hadn't come by 12:40, I knew that I had misread it. Sure enough, the bus came downtown at 12:24... wrong way. My appointment was at 1... uh oh. I had to wait on the side of a busy road for what turned out to be over an hour, make phone calls from said side of busy road, and stay calm, all by myself. All okay, except for the staying calm. I started to cry twice, but I sat down in some shade, which helped. Ipod and sunglasses on, of course. Texted someone to try to help me get a bus schedule online (no, I didn't have it with me), and texted Leigh to say that I was on the verge of losing it. No one could get the schedule. The office said that as long as I was there by 1:30, no problem. Got on the bus at 12:55, got there by 1:10, so all was well... I was just a little upset. Leigh reminded me that being upset on the bus wasn't going to hurry it or change anything, that the office had already said it was fine, so just to have my iPod and sunglasses on and ride. True enough. I got there, and the appointment was good. Liked the doctor, finally, after FOUR psychiatrists! And, thankfully, got home without event.

See how excited Leigh and I were when we got to Disney after a 24 hour (to the minute!) bus ride? I am, quite possible, even MORE excited to be going back on the 31st!

Excuse the fact that it was raining when this picture was taken. We certainly didn't mind it :)

Now, prepare yourself for pictures. I am going to the zoo tomorrow with B, from partial, and I'm pretty darn excited about that too! The following are from Disney too.

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  1. Wow..... Yea I'd be overwhelmed by that too. Glad you got thru it.