Wednesday, December 30, 2009


First of all, thanks be to God, I am home.

Second, I have a dilemma.

My parents are going to see Avatar on New Years Eve. My options are either to go with them (and therefore get out of the house) or stay home, alone. It seems sad and almost ridiculous to choose to stay home alone, but hear me out. I'm scared of the aliens in Avatar, for one thing. For another, movies are hard. They're loud. If I go, I'll definitely be bringing my noise cancelling headphones. But then I'll look ridiculous, which believe it or not, I do care about, some days more than others. I could go to the movies and watch a different movie than my parents, so that's an option. Or maybe if someone has seen Avatar, you can tell me if the aliens turn out to be okay and not scary. They just freak me out. I get freaked out pretty easily, and something about them does it. Darn those aliens. I would like to go see the movie.

Help, please? Ideas? Suggestions? Thoughts? Comments? You get the idea.


  1. Do you have ideas for a different movie than Avatar, which is at the same theatre?

    I haven't seen Avatar, but lots of people have. They tend to be the people who really like science fiction, or relate to the main character's situation.

  2. What about meeting up with some of your friends from the group you joined? Haven't seen Avatar and don't plan to either - not my thing!

    Happy 2010!

  3. I personally would NOT go see Avatar. Maybe see what else is playing.

    Happy New Year Lydia!

  4. Yes, what are your friends doing?

    And what did you end up doing?

  5. It became a non-issue, since the weather was bad and we stayed home. I was asleep by midnight!

  6. Now, that's good to know!

    (If the weather stayed bad)...