Sunday, June 7, 2009

Work, or the lack thereof

Looking for work = sucks. A lot.

I just graduated magna cum laude from a top college, degree in Elementary Education. Important note, though, is that I am NOT certified to teach. I cannot be a teacher. I was unable to complete my student teaching... I only lasted about 2 weeks. Can you say sensory and social overload? It was way beyond me. I knew going in that it was NOT going to work if I didn't have some accomodations, but since the school wasn't willing to work with me, that's exactly what happened. That said, I do have a college degree.

So, up to this point, I've put it 54 job applications all around the city. Due to seizures, I can't drive right now, so I have to be local enough that my mom can leave work to drop me off/pick me up from work. Places that require a lot of socialization/conversation just wouldn't work, as I kind of shut down and stop talking after an hour or so of that. My ideal job is the local pet store, not a chain, where I got my dear kitty. I would also LOVE a bookstore (good call, Jess!), but nothing seems to be hiring. Right now, my best hope is Walgreens. It's very close to home, fairly quiet, and small enough that I won't get distracted/lost like I do in grocery stores. I'm hoping for maybe 20-25 hours and to work up from there. Hopefully, I will be able to stay on my parents insurance as a "disabled" (don't get me started on that word!) adult and be able to maintain part time for at least a few months. Full time would result in a very non-functioning Lydia.

On my best days, I could definitely do things like teach in a pre-school or something similar. But on the bad days, my focus and my ability to respond to people is so bad that it would be hard to work at all. The more I push too hard, the more bad days I have, hence not wanting to jump into full time work. I'm hoping that for the next year or so, I'll be able to get used to working consistently at a job that I can do on ANY day. I'll keep my brain occupied by reading in my free time. Then, once I have worked up to full time and know that I can handle it, I want to go back to school so that I can do something in the the sciences/research/working with animals, something that allows me to do my own thing without a ton of interaction. To be honest, that's actually my mom's plan, that I completely agree with... but I couldn't really come up with a plan like that on my own. Oh, executive function... how I want you.

On another, unrelated note, Elsie's clicker training is... making her fat, and not much else... so far. She already knows a handful of words/phrases (upstairs, shower, what's the kitty say?, bedtime), but I want to see if she can learn to give the same response, every time. As long as she's getting treats, she is up for it!


  1. Aww, that is such a cute cat picture, and I love reading your blog. We have a lot in common. I'm 25, about your age and have AS too.

  2. Good luck with the job by the way.

  3. dang, i'm sorry to hear the bookstores aren't hiring! keep at it. all it takes is one person leaving and then they need someone!

    sounds like you've got a plan in place, which is great - not to mention one adorable cat :)

  4. Kate, may I read your blog?

  5. All good ideas....something will pan out since you are persevering and very self-aware.

  6. hi, lydia...i'm drama mama, mother to a fabulous 10 year old girl with asd.

    have you thought about working with kids with special needs? my daughter likes to volunteer and work with younger kids on the spectrum...?
    perhaps that'd be a way to put your education degree to good use?

    just a thought.


    i am sure the right thing will appear. i love your blog, and look forward to following you and your journey.

  7. Hi! A friend and fellow blogger pointed me in your direction, and I'm glad she did. It seems we share a lot in common.

    First, I just finished a 6-month job hunt, and I've been newly employed since the end of April. It's never, ever fun to job hunt. It's much less fun to do it as an Aspie. And all of that is just so much worse in this economy. I wish you all the luck in the world!

    Second, my recent job hunt followed my own stint doing research AND working with animals. I was working on a PhD in psychobiology/animal behavior, studying social behavior in non-human primates. I love it, it's tons of fun, but I finally decided I didn't want an academic career and that a "job" is much more appealing. I'm still doing research, but it's of a much less sexy variety now. The paycheck is much sexier, however.

    Stop in my blog or shoot me an email if you want to chat. aquirkymom at gmail dot com

  8. Stoopid blogger. That was not the right profile... trying again.