Friday, June 25, 2010

A book is born

Interview with Autism is officially published on Lulu and is available at here.

Not sure if it's available outside the US, but if you can't buy it on Lulu, you're in the UK, and you want the book, just let me know and we'll work something out.


  1. Oh blessed duck!

    The look of the book (the cover) is splendid.

    I especially love the splotchy stars and the various shades of purple.

    Enjoyed reading the preview of the first question: "When did you find out, and when was a diagnosis warranted?"

    The process was gruelling, and it's good that the clinicians accepted.

    Some of the links (for books we may also like) included: Embarrassed often, ashamed never, When babies read and A mind apart.

    And, yes, people in the early 1990s were "misunderstood, ignored or frustrated" and as you point out: all three at once!

    Now I understand that you did think of yourself as mature, and how that helped you through a difficult stage of your life.

    And the clinican said, "Asperger's is just social problems. You have more than that".

    And the things you said in the introduction, like "working part-time without a sense of purpose" and "It bothers me that people avoid me, and the less engaged I am, the more they do it".

    There is a part in Emergence when Grandin went to a Psychology department party, and made just the same realisation (or a similar one).

    Good on you for finding a psychologist some years ago. Shame that it was nerve-wracking. (Watch out for the cold guys!)

    What I learnt from your hospital experiences: "home for the heart".

    Do you have a contents page for the questions? What about an index?

  2. I had no problems, except for having to follow your link because it doesn't come up if I search in Lulu, either the title or your name. However, it cost me less that £15 including postage and I should recieve in the next 2-5 working days. I am very excited to read it.

  3. Yay!!!...Your book is preparing for a flight to Australia as we speak! Easy to order to be sent to Australia off Lulu.

    Can't wait to read it.... Congratulations Lydia!!

  4. Oh, this is so exciting! You guys are the greatest! I really hope you like it!

  5. wonderful, Lydia! Just ordered mine!

  6. It looks very interesting and very well written, from what I've read in the preview. I hope it sells well and is of value to many people. :-) I'll be ordering my copy, too!

  7. Lydia,

    Your book came today; I'll start it tonight, and then pass it on to my son, who is 20 and has autism and cognitive impairment. We're looking forward to reading it. :-)