Friday, December 3, 2010

December cheer

I'm getting pumped. Are you?

My birthday is December 9th. I'll be 23. I'm going out with two of my friends (can I say it again? My friends) around noon for ice cream at an old fashioned ice cream shop downtown. Then, that evening, there is a showing of One Night with the King (the movie about Esther) for my Esther women's Bible study. It will be a lot of people, and it's at someone's house and not the church, but as long as one of my friends is going, I think I'll at least try it.

Then, Friday, my family will have cake at Mom's house. Yellow cake with homemade chocolate icing.

On December 17th-19th, I'm going to Emmaus House again. Hopefully this time I don't get sick after 12 hours.

December 21st-23rd, I'm going to Maryland to visit Leigh and Joe.

We're having dinner at my aunt's on the 24th, Christmas at Dad's and dinner at Mom's on Christmas day, and my sister is coming on the 26th (she'll be at her dad's on the 25th, like I will).

I'm working on a Christmas dress for Felicity for when she comes (red with tiny white polka dots, white lace, and white buttons down the front and a red ribbon to tie around back).

Elsie and I have Christmas stockings, little ones, one with an E and one with an L, hanging on the wall at my house. How cute is that?

Mom and I will decorate her house on Saturday and my house on Sunday. Mom doesn't want me to have a tree because I might not stay in my apartment, so I'm going to use Sister's old tiny little tree. But I'll have a real tree if I'm still there next year, which is of course still up in the air.

What are your holiday plans?


  1. The tree is up the party frocks are bought, tried and approved, the decs are going up gradually in an attempt to avoid major seizures - oh that should be more major seizures - and the sledging seasonis well under way.

    Had the school Xmas coffee morning today and that really does signify the proper start of festivities for me. Having scrumpy and Bear gives me the perfect excuse to connect with my innner child and have a blast! :o)

  2. I love that you are getting excited for the holidays Lydia :-)

    The icecream date with friends on your birthday sounds absolutely perfect - nothing better than icecream!

    I can understand about not having a full size tree this year - the little one is sure to be very cute indeed.

    It is exciting that you get to go to Emmaus House again - hopefully you will be well and able to have a fantastic time.

    I'm so glad you get to see Leigh over the holidays - that is so AWESOME!

    Sounds like you are definitely going to have a busy Christmas. The dress you are making sounds darling :-)