Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer according to The Black Book

In some semblance of chronological order...

Meet with the man from the PA Autism Waiver to see if I meet the functional eligibility requirements. We thought I might be too high functioning to get the Waiver, but after a 2-hour interview, he said he doesn't think I am. We'll hear back from them soon about the (hopefully) next step.

Dentist appointment. Dentist says that I have gum disease, that my gums are pulling away from my teeth. This is no good. I have to go to a periodontist (gum doctor) to have a special "deep cleaning" in July. It will be painful. I will certainly ask to be somehow sedated, as I absolutely hate things in my mouth.

Go to New York to visit my sister's in-laws. My stepdad is getting his car tuned up (don't ask me why; it's a new car) so we will take his car, which means no eating, drinking, or breathing. My aunt lent me her portable DVD player, so this will be nice for the ride, because I get sick when I try to read. Also, I will spend a night in my sister's (tiny) apartment in Manhattan and go shopping and go to Serendipity 3 the next day for frozen hot chocolate. I am excited!

Moving out in July sometime. Don't know more speicific than that.

The week of July 18th is the Week of Doctors Appointments. I have 4 that week. Yuck.

In the end of July, Aunt Mary (Mom's sister) is taking me to see Hairspray performed downtown. Very excited for this.

August is still blank. I will have appointments on Mondays, work on Tuesdays, chiropractor and CET group on Wednesdays, work on Thursdays, and chiropractor and CET computer work on Fridays. Oh, and work some Sundays, possibly. Sounds busy enough to me!


  1. confused of Scotland -- frozen hot chocolate -- explain please!

    Hope you have a great summer, sounds busy!

  2. Your book arrived. I love it. I am partway through (it only arrived yesterday, give me a chance!). It is fascinating, well written and insightful. When I have finished it I am going to pass it onto the mother of an autistic girl at school who seems very similar to how you were at seven.

  3. Sounds VERY busy. Sending you lots of good thoughts as you make your way through the many challenges, transitions and fun thrills (Hairspray is a favorite around here)of this coming month.

  4. don't forget Jen's wedding in August!

    Just got your book minutes ago. Mom said, "Leeeeeeighhhh you got a package from lulu. Who's lulu?"

  5. Oh yeah! Jenny's wedding is August 14th and Katelyn's (a very close friend from camp growing up) is August 21st.

    Leigh, that's hilarious. Only your mom!