Thursday, June 24, 2010

Comments needed

If I were to self-publish my book, Interview with Autism, about my experience with life on the spectrum, would anyone buy it? I wouldn't make more than a few dollars, and that's not what I'm interested in... I just want people to get a perspective on autism.

Any takers?


  1. I would and I know a lot of teachers who would as well.

  2. Lydia,
    I don't think I've ever commented here, but I read all the time. I am so interested in your experience. Your writing offers me hope and insight. Yes, I would absolutely buy your book and I'd help spread the word!

  3. I absolutely would buy your book!

  4. As would I.

    (Hope you get it out in many of the libraries, as this is another source for good books. I would also think of the places where animal lovers hang out).